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Girls Varsity Competitive Cheer · Cheerleading Wins BAL Championships

It was a busy yet exciting weekend for the 15 members of Dock’s Competitive Cheerleading team. Friday night at the Coaches vs. Cancer basketball game the girls had a chance to showcase some of their individual skills to raise money for the event, as well as to perform their competition routine for their families and fellow students for the first time. After an awesome halftime performance, the Dock Cheerleaders felt confident about the next morning’s League Competition, their first of the season.

Christopher Dock was the first team to perform at the Bicentennial Athletic League Competitive Spirit Championships on Saturday morning, which can add a lot of pressure to an already nervous team. However, the girls did not let their nerves get to them, and spent some time on-deck in a team huddle motivating each other with uplifting words and prayers. When the DJ announced “The Cheerleaders from Christopher Dock”, they were ready to show everyone what they had been working so hard for.

Their routine opened with a cheer that encouraged fans to spell out “Pioneers” and shout the school colors. They executed their cheer portion with perfection. The second part of their routine was performed to a mix of music, which opened with a stunning toe touch basket flown by freshman Candace Landis. The girls then went into their partner stunts, a difficult display of strength, technique and flexibility. Senior Emalene Sylvester (C), junior Ella Barlick, and their bases beneath them hit each skill with confidence. Their ending arabesques were caught and the team then moved to their jump sequence– a challenging portion of the routine which consists of either four jumps in a row or three jumps followed by a back handpsring. Seniors Capril Mirarchi, Diana Berrios (C), Emalene Sylvester (C), and Bryanna Russo, junior Ella Barlick, and freshmen Samantha Firely and Brianna Cascarelli followed their jumps with individual tumbling passes, earning Dock several points over the competition. After all tumbling passes were landed, the full team continued into the pyramid. Center flyer Emalene Sylvester (C) was tossed, twisted, and caught by her teammates flawlessly. The CD Cheerleaders finished up their performance with a dance that was executed with energy and smiles.

Following their performance, the Christopher Dock Cheerleaders sat on the bleachers to cheer on the cheerleaders from Bristol High School, Morrisville High School, and New Hope-Solebury High School, the other teams competing for a League title. After all teams performed, the cheerleaders from each team united on the competition mat to dance and stunt for fun before results were announced.

At the end of the day, the CD Cheerleaders were ecstatic to find out that they had won the competition, bringing home another Bicentennial Athletic League title to the school. Christopher Dock Cheerleading won by 10 points over New Hope-Solebury, who also put on an excellent performance. This was very exciting for our 8 graduating seniors, as well as for our 5 first-time cheerleaders.

The Competitive Cheerleading team will compete next on February 14th at Lansdale Catholic High School.