Multiple Teams · Spring 2016 Season and Athletic Department Awards

Baseball 2

Baseball (From L to R)

Tyler Alderfer: Team MVP, 1st Team All-League CF

Isaac Brunk: Dr. Doyle Memorial Award, National Student Athlete Day Award

Tim DiLoreto: Silver Slugger, 1st Team All-League C

Elias Gehman: Most Improved, 1st Team All-League 2B

David Keller: 1st Team All-League P

Andrew Walters: 2nd Team All-League SS

Nolan Bolton: Golden Glove, 1st Team All-League 3B

Daniel Sabath: Best Pitcher, 1st Team All-League P

Justin Burkholder: Cornerstone, 2nd Team All-League 1B

Rashid St-Fleur: National Student Athlete Day Award

Softball 1

Softball (From L to R)

Jill Bolton: Team MVP, BAL MVP, 1st Team All-League SS

Lanae Hunsberger: Batting Champion, 1st Team All-League OF

Theresa Beck: Rookie of the Year

Meghan MacIntyre: All-League Honorable Mention 1B, National Student Athlete Day Award

Ella Barlick (not pictured): Career Achievement Award, 1st Team All-League 2B

Emily Groarke (not pictured): Comeback Player of the Year, 1st Team All-League P

Maddie Swartley (not pictured): 2nd Team All-League OF, National Student Athlete Day Award

Track and Field 2

Track and Field (L to R)

Camryn McCloskey: National Student Athlete Day Award

Alana Bergey: Most Improved Athlete

Lindsey Bernd: Coaches Award

Sabrina Demetrius: Most Valuable Field Athlete – Throws

Niki Clements: Most Valuable Field Athlete – Jumps

Maddison Landis: Most Valuable Track Athlete – Distance

Haley Anderson: Most Valuable Track Athlete – Sprints

Josh Wolfe: Most Valuable Track Athlete – Hurdles

Nate Kerns:

Austin Kratz: Most Valuable Performer

Cole Rupert (not pictured): Most Valuable Field Athlete – Jumps

Alex Martin (not pictured): Most Valuable Field Athlete – Throws

Austin Nice (not pictured): Rookie of the Year

Alex Groce (not pictured): Coaches Award

Volleyball 2

Boys Volleyball (From L to R)

Jaden Hunsberger: Defensive Leader

Noah Shreiner: Offensive Leader

Ty Rice: Team MVP

Jesse Kolb: Most Improved Player

Dylan Derstine: The Rock

David Doyle Award

Dr. David R. Doyle Memorial Award

Ali Balmer: Field Hockey

Isaac Brunk: Baseball

Outstanding Athletic Achievement - missing Olyvia Longacre

Outstanding Athletic Achievement Award (From L to R)

Lanae Hunsberger: Volleyball

Josh Wolfe: Track and Field

Niki Clements: Soccer & Track and Field

Tim DiLoreto: Baseball

Sharon Curtis: Soccer

Maddison Landis: Cross Country & Track and Field

Tyler Alderfer: Baseball

Olyvia Longacre (not pictured): Golf

Athlete of the Year

Athlete of The Year

Ty Rice: Soccer & Volleyball

Lanae Hunsberger: Volleyball, Basketball & Softball