News · Dock Athletic Department Offers – Mind of The Athlete Program

The Dock Athletic Department is happy to make these resources available to all Dock student-athletes, coaches and parents. We believe that these videos, audio tapes, and work sheets will provide valuable information and skills helpful for managing the stress of day-to-day living in both sports and life. Many have found that athletic performance  improves with effective stress management.

Testimonials Supporting Mind of The Athlete Resources
** “It’s increasingly important for athletes and coaches to recognize that training the mind is as critical to athletic success as training the body.”
Lindsay Gottlieb, Head Women’s Basketball Coach, Cal Berkley, CA

** “The single greatest factor that interferes with performance is a lousy state of mind. This book teaches athletes how to clear away negative thoughts and let their true potential shine through.”
John O’Sullivan, Author of Changing the Game Project, Former Pro Soccer Player, Bend, OR

**“There is not enough time placed on understanding the mental side of competition. Mind of the Athlete gives athletes a foundational resource to not only understand how their minds work in all areas of competition, it provides skills to create a clearer mind for better performance. These principles are something that my daughter and I continue to reference on a regular basis, as she progresses through her collegiate soccer career.”
Hardie Jackson, VP of Sports Marketing and Partnerships, EvoShield,LLC, Bogart, Ga

**Mind of The Athlete: Clearer Mind, Better Performance, By Dr. Jarrod Spencer, 2016                                   

 Registration for Mind of the Athlete Program   
The information linked in the Mind of The Athlete Program is copyright protected material. The material can only be accessed through your personal Google account, and those affiliated with Dock Mennonite Academy.  To be granted access, click any of the links below. You will then be asked to request permission through our athletic office.  Once granted, you will have unlimited access to all materials listed on THIS PAGE.

Financially Sponsored by Dock Booster Club
A big thank you to our Booster Club and their sponsorship of these valuable resources that promote personal growth, and improved athletic performance of the student-athlete!


Finally, we are hoping that student-athletes, coaches and parents will take the opportunity to learn about how the mind impacts performance, as well as the skills helpful in overcoming the stress of sports and life. In addition, our coaches will also be using these materials to promote a clearer mind and better performance for their student-athletes and team.

Thanks for taking time to learn and use tools that will strengthen your mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being, and improve athletic performance!

Tim Ehst, Athletic Director