News · Dock Receives BAL & PIAA Sportsmanship Awards

I am happy to announce that our athletic department has been honored with the following sportsmanship awards.

2018-19 Greg Pinelli Memorial Sportsmanship Award – Male Sport Program – Highest rating among BAL Presidents Division male sport programs

2018-19 PIAA Sportsmanship Award (Banner) – Highest rating among BAL Presidents Division schools – Our 9th banner in 21 years

*These awards honor athletic department hospitality, sportsmanship by student-athletes and coaches, and sportsmanship of spectators.

I want to first and foremost thank our coaches for their efforts in this area. They are most instrumental in getting our sportsmanship expectations off the ground, which are standards important to game environment and life beyond. Secondly, our student-athletes consistently do a great job of bringing positive energy to their game, as well as respect for opponents and officials. Thirdly, It’s been great having enthusiastic fan support from both parents and our energized student section.

I also want to thank our game supervisors for their work in welcoming opposing teams, as well as being timely in addressing inappropriate crowd behavior.

Finally, I want to thank our administration and faculty for their day to day work in cultivating respect, both on campus and in the classroom. It is my opinion that our school culture has had a positive impact on our sportsmanship in athletics, and played a part in being honored by these awards.

Tim Ehst, Athletic Director