News · Fall Sports Update

Fall Student-Athletes and Parents:

I’m hoping your summer has brought good times of enjoying your sport and doing some of the things you have been looking forward to, and hopefully, having time building good memories with friends and family!

Covid-19 continues to impact our lives, as well as the way we go about doing sports here at Dock.  What we are now all patiently waiting for is the PIAA announcement for when our fall sport season will happen this year.

With this update, I am providing you a timeline of when I’ll be releasing information for our fall sport season.

August 7 – PIAA Board of Control mandated all required fall sports activities be paused for a two-week period.

August 21 – PIAA Board of Control will vote on the status of fall sports.

August 22 – Dock will post an announcement on the status of fall sports.

August 22 – Dock will post our Fall Sport Health and Safety Plan.

August 24 – If PIAA votes in favor of starting all required fall sports activities, this will be the possible start date for all Dock sports.

Note: Information for each fall sport team, click here.


As we look to the possible start-up date of August 24, it is very important each of you take the time to complete your PIAA Physical Examination Form, and register using this link.

This Covid-19 journey requires all of us to be players in keeping ourselves and others safe. I want to thank all of you for doing your part in this health and safety effort, and therefore, making it possible for PIAA and Governor Wolf to consider having a fall sports season, and hopefully a winter and spring to follow!

Hoping and praying for the best!

Tim Ehst
Dock HS Athletic Director and Athletics Coordinator