Athletics Information-Middle School

All Middle School Athletic events are held at the Dock EC-Grade 8 Campus.
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to 420 Godshall Road, Souderton, PA 18964.

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Fall – Field Hockey, Coed Soccer
Winter – Boys’ BasketballGirls’ Basketball
Spring –  Baseball, Softball, Track & Field

Interscholastic sports are offered for 7th and 8th graders in coed soccer, field hockey, basketball, baseball, softball, and coed track and field. The emphasis is on skill development, competition, performance and preparation for higher level athletics. These teams compete in the Upper Bux-Mont League, which includes middle and junior high schools from the Quakertown, Souderton, Pennridge and North Penn school districts.



Sign-ups for any given sport are posted on the boys and girls locker room doors here at school. This happens 3-4 weeks before the season starts. Students are notified of this via our morning announcements. Signing up for a sport is not a final commitment, but it does help the coaches and I gauge how many students will be tryout for each sport.

Student Athlete Registration:

PIAA COMPREHENSIVE INITIAL PRE-PARTICIPATION PHYSICAL EVALUATION forms need to be filled out by the first day of practice in order for your athlete to participate. Please take time to view the registration tutorial below, then go to,and register.

You can print a copy of the PIAA Pre-Season Physical Evaluation, then use Section 6 for your visit to your medical professional. When completed, you will upload section 6 during your registration process. All other sections of this PIAA form have been digitized as a part of your registration as well.


Practices are every day after school until 5:00pm. Students are expected to have sneakers and athletic clothes to change into for the first day of practice. The coaches may suggest more specific equipment after the season starts. Students are welcome to bring equipment that they already own to practice if applicable.

Provided that we have a lot of students sign-up to play a particular sport, the coaches will take the first few days to a week to determine who will play on a varsity team and who will be on a junior varsity team. In general, 7th graders play on JV and 8th graders play on Varsity, however there are cases where we ask 7th graders to play up and 8th graders to play down. If there is an overabundance of students interested, we may need to make cuts. The coaches and I do our best to be sensitive with all decisions/discussions regarding cutting students from the team.


After about two weeks of practices, games will start. You can find a schedule of the games here on the website (link at the top of this page). Students will be given uniforms to wear for these games and they will return them at the conclusion of the season. For home contests, athletes will be dismissed at 2:50pm in order to get ready for the contest. For away contests, athletes will be dismissed when 7th period ends (2:24pm or 2:16 on Wednesdays). Students should pack up their backpacks and get everything they need for the evening at dismissal time as they may not be able to get into their classroom or locker at the conclusion of the game. Transportation is provided to all away contests. In alignment with the vision of Dock as one school system, we are trying to facilitate connections between our Middle School Athletics program and our High School Athletics program. One way we will be doing this is by having one of our home games at the High School Campus. This gives our athletes a chance to play on a bigger stage and shows them where they will be playing their sport if they continue at the High School. Details regarding these games will be given to each team within their season.


At 5:00pm on practice days you are expected to have someone here to pick up your athlete. There will be an adult present until all students have been picked up. For away games we will provide transportation back to our campus after the games. In general, the team will return before 5:30pm. If it is more convenient, you may pick up your athlete at the sight of the away game. If you would like to do this, we ask that you have your athlete give a note to their coach that day or send the coach or myself an email so that all parties are aware.

Directions for Upper Bux-Mont League Schools



As athletic director, I try to make clear and consistent communication between parents, coaches, and athletes a priority. The first line of communication is coach to athlete. The coaches and I will do our best to notify the athletes of any changes of schedule or special events during practice so that they can tell you at home. In addition to this, we will be using Schoology, our online platform, to communicate about athletics. If your child signed up to play on a team, we have added you to a group in Schoology for that team. We will then be able to create posts in that group that you will have access to. These posts will notify you of any changes in schedule or upcoming events. When these posts are created, you will be notified by email (provided you have not changed this feature in your settings). When changes to a game or practice are made on that same day, students will be given the opportunity to call you from the middle school office.


We love to have parents come to watch our home and away games. It’s great for the athletes to have that extra support. If you have other children (5th grade and younger) with you at our home contests, please have them stay at the game under your supervision. For the sake of safety on our campus, we do not want children playing on other unsupervised parts of our property.



Fall 2020

Field Hockey: Jayne Longacre and Cheryl Ryder

Soccer: Varsity – Andrew Walters, JV -Andrew Walters

Winter 2020-2021

Girls Basketball- Varsity- Carey Haddock & Kyle Frank

Boys Basketball- Varsity-           ; JV-

Spring 2021



Coed Track & Field