Cody Powis

Cody Powis

Coaching Staff / 2017-2018

Team: Girls Varsity Tennis, Boys Varsity Tennis
Position: Head Coach

Coach Cody Powis 


Coach Cody Powis emphasizes a good attitude as a key to positive results for coaches and players. He brings knowledge of the game from years of experience as a player at Dock (3 years) where he earned the Leadership Award his senior year and Messiah College (2 years).

Coaching both the Girls’ and Boys’ tennis teams, Coach Powis experienced a highlight of his 6 seasons when the boys’ team won the Bicentennial League in 2014. He believes that the key to healthy competition is keeping everything in perspective and bringing positivity and confidence to student-athletes who might be experiencing a team for the first time.

Coach Powis works in the Advancement Office at Dock as well as the Dairy Department at Landis Supermarket – Vernfield. He and his wife Morgan are expecting their first child. Some favorites for Coach Powis are Roger Federer, a cup of Wawa coffee, and cheering on Philly sports teams.

Last Updated: 4/10/18