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Fall 2014

 Boys Soccer 1 copy

 Boys Soccer

  Austin Kratz, 1st Team BAL All-League, Offense Award

  Jesse Kolb, 1st Team BAL All-League, Defense Award

  Seth Frankenfield, 1st Team BAL All-League, MVP

  Josh Yoder, 2nd Team BAL All-League, Coaches Award

  Jordan Alderfer, 2nd Team BAL All-League

Not pictured: Lincoln Bergey, Most Improved Player


 Field Hockey 1 copy

 Field Hockey

  Eliza Wilkins, Teammate Award

  Jeni Swartley, 1st Team BAL All-League, Coaches Award

  Mattasyn Shisler, 1st Team BAL All-League, All My Might Award

  Jill Bolton, Co-MVP BAL League, 1st Team BAL All-League, MVP Award

  Emme Raieta, Honorable Mention, BAL All-League

  Haley Anderson, JV MVP Award

  Ali Balmer, 1st Team BAL All-League, Most Consistent Player Award

  Deanna Clemens, Most Improved Player Award

Not pictured: Livia Anderson, JV Most Improved Player; Elysa Stout, JV Coaches           Award


Girls Soccer 1 copy

 Girls Soccer

  Emily Gordon, 2nd Team BAL All-League

  Bailey Kratz, 1st Team BAL All-League, Total Player Award

  Mattasyn Shisler, 2nd Team BAL All-League

  Olivia Seavy, 1st Team BAL All-League, Coaches Award

  Sharon Curtis, 2nd Team BAL AllLeague, Coaches Award

  Eden Nafziger, 1st Team BAL All-League, Total Player Award

  Nicole Clements, 1st Team BAL All-League, Total Player Award.

Not pictured: Jackie Jiang, Most Improved Player Award; Megan Swintosky, 2nd Team   BAL All-League


Cross Country 1 copy

 Cross Country

  Ian Anderson, Most Improved Runner Award

  Erica Gunden, 13th Place BAL Championships, 2nd Team BAL All-League, 6th Place       District 1 Championships, 113th place State Championships, Most Improved Runner         Award

  Michael Gunden, 2nd place BAL-Constitution Division, 1st Team BAL All-League, 4th       place District 1 Championships, 87th place State Championships, Most Valuable Runner   Award

  Lindsey Bernd, 4th place BAL Championships, 1st Team BAL All-League, 3rd place         District 1 Championships, 50th place State Championships, Terry Fox Award

  Maddison Landis, 2nd Place BAL Championships, 1st Team BAL All-League, 2nd           Place District 1 Championships, 6th place State Championships, Most Valuable Runner     Award

Not pictured: Tim Kennel, 1st Team BAL All-League, Terry Fox Award; Camryn                 McCloskey, 1st Team BAL All-League, 5th place District 1 Championships, 89th place       State Championships

Tennis 2 copy


  Becca Delp, Teammate Award

  Cassidy Jagiela, Honorable Mention, BAL All-League, Leadership Award

  Jenna Groff, Honorable mention, BAL All-League, Leadership Award

  Morgan Croissette, MVP Singles Award

Not pictured: Michaela Hill, Coaches Award; Sonia Choi, JV Coaches Award; Jimi           Tang, JV Teammate Award;   Sierra Shore, JV Most Improved Player Award; Rina           Althouse, JV Most Improved Player Award

 Volleyball 1 copy


  Nicole Bartle, Honorable mention, BAL All-League, Defensive Award

  Rebecca Timmerman, 1st Team BAL All-League, Team Ace Award

  Daphne Hunsinger, 2nd Team BAL All-League, The Rock Award

  Molly Hand, 2nd Team BAL All-League, Rookie of the Year Award

  Lanae Hunsberger, BAL All-League MVP, 1st Team BAL All-League, Team MVP             Award

Not pictured: Avery Geistdorfer, JV MVP Award, Coaches Award; Carsyn McCloskey,   JV Rookie of the Year Award; Maura Shisler, JV Queen of the Court Award; Trish             Hoover, BAL All-League Coach of the Year


 Golf 3 copy


  Olyvia Longacre, 2nd Team BAL All-League, Determination Award

  Bobby McFadden, 1st Team BAL All-League, MVP Award

  Chandler Bergey, Honorable Mention BAL All-League, Sportsmanship Award

Not pictured: David Edenfield, Most Improved Golfer Award; Bryce Shortall, Coaches     Award; Jack Foley, JV Best Average Award; Morgan Rush, JV Most Improved Golfer       Award